What If Today We Were Simply Grateful For Everything?

The sun always finds a way through the clouds

The sun always finds a way through the clouds

What if we spent the day simply being grateful for everyone and everything that crosses our path today? How would we feel at the end of the day? Would that change the way that we interact with others?

Gratitude Tip: ‘It is not the happy people that are grateful, rather is it the grateful people that are happy.’ Be a true gratitude ambassador today and find gratitude in everything! You turned on a light – grateful! Running water – grateful! Food in the fridge – grateful! Money in the bank – grateful! Woke up – grateful! Driving in your car – grateful! Reading this on your phone – grateful! Why not spend the day in a total state of gratitude? I’m going to do my best today to be grateful for EVERYTHING. As my daughter says every night before bed, ‘Merci pour toutes les choses dans le monde!’

A few weeks ago, I had the absolute honour of recording a podcast on gratitude (episode 20) with Tanja Shaw, whose podcast, Fit & Vibrant You is aired weekly. It’s been a while since I recorded a podcast and we had a great time doing it! I shared a number of very personal stories, and also some simple tips on incorporating gratitude into our lives. I would love it if you’d listen and share your feedback. I am looking for more opportunities to record podcasts, so if you know someone who has a podcast and is looking for guests, please pass on this recording.

Let’s make today full of gratitude for every one we connect with!! Share how viewing the day through a lens of gratitude changes your outlook. In light of all of the negative things that are being shared right now, you can be the light and perhaps even encourage others to shine their light a little bit brighter.


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