healthy lifestyle triad, julie boyer, the grateful entrepreneurWhen I first started my business 10 years ago, I was introduced to the Healthy Lifestyle Triad (see image). It’s a simple concept for optimal health and all three are necessary, if not the triad collapses. Interestingly, I added a new side of the triad with each of my Ironman races. The first one was regular exercise, then I added optimal supplementation and finally low glycemic eating. How many sides of the triad are you focusing on today?

Gratitude Tip: Where does optimal health fall on your list of priorities? Is it something you think about daily or simply when you’re sick or not feeling your best? The Healthy Lifestyle Triad is a great way to build a solid foundation for health and wellness at any age. Making our health a priority is no longer a luxury or something we can take for granted. You were given one body for your time here on earth. Show gratitude for the amazing human being you are by taking the best care of yourself and your cells.

Over the past few days I have been speaking to a number of potential clients about the importance of cellular nutrition as a part of their holistic wellness plan. Many have said that they are going to work on the exercise and nutrition part of the triad before the supplementation part. I get it. The first two can be free or cost very little and purchasing optimal doses of supplements, as with USANA Health Sciences, costs money. When I look back on my journey with the triad, I wish I had known about supplementation first. It makes a lot of sense to start there.

Here are 7 benefits of choosing cellular nutrition FIRST:

1.Supplements like chromium can help control blood sugar levels, which makes it easy to stick to a low-glycemic eating plan, as sugar cravings are less intense.

2. Exercise suppresses your immune system, which means that as you ramp up an exercise program, you’re more susceptible to getting sick. Optimal doses of anti-oxidants as well as probiotics can help to keep your immune system strong and help to avoid this.

Procosa_CA3. Chronic joint pain can be reduced with an effective joint supplement such as USANA’s Procosa. Speaking from personal experience – I did my first Ironman training with knee pain. My knees didn’t get any worse during training but I woke up with pain every single day from age 12 to 30. My second Ironman I supplemented with Procosa. It’s much nicer to train without knee pain.

4. More energy! The biggest challenge when we start a workout or training program is that we’re often tired or lack the energy to give it our best during the workouts. Within 5 days of using the optimal supplements in USANA’s HealthPak during my second Ironman training, I found that I had a lot more energy during the day and much more energy for my workouts too.

bebé5. Better sleep. Whether we are training for an event or a race, or simply working out to lose weight, sleep is a key part of the equation. In the past week, I’ve had two brand new clients share with me that they are sleeping better within a few days of starting on USANA’s Essentials. I also found the same (the Essentials are in the HealthPak) when I first started, I was sleeping for less time but waking up feeling more rested. This is partly due to the Multi-minerals in the Essentials formulation. Most people are deficient in minerals and this can affect sleep quality.

6. Faster recovery. When we are exercising, we often feel sore after a workout. That’s a good thing, it means your muscles worked hard. In order to gain the benefits of muscle growth and repair, we need anti-oxidants and minerals to help this process function optimally. I noticed that while training for Ironman #2, my recovery was much faster once I started on the HealthPak. Made it easier to complete two or three workouts in 24 hours.

7. It’s fairly easy to add supplements to your routine. It doesn’t take a lot of time in your schedule and interestingly, when your cells are healthier and your digestion is functioning optimally, you will absorb the nutrition from your food even better.

Share your stories! How has cellular nutrition made a difference for you in your wellness journey? Haven’t added this part of the triad just yet? I’d love to be of service to help you find the right solution for your personal needs and budget. Take a peek at my USANA product site: or message me directly, info (a) Or connect directly with the person who shared this blog post with you, they can help you too!

It’s Day 33 of the #40daysofgratitude challenge. There is so much to be grateful for. If you’re in Southern Ontario and Eastern Quebec today, let’s show our gratitude for snow plows and salt trucks. Please drive safely!


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