What's in your grocery cart?

What’s in your grocery cart?

You’ve heard it said before, our health is our greatest asset. So why do many of us continue to treat ourselves and our bodies as though what we eat and drink and how we move doesn’t matter? January is the best time of year to make a commitment to HEALTH management in 2016 – notice I said HEALTH not weight – because although your weight is a very important part of the story, it’s certainly not the entire story.

Gratitude Tip: Your body is an absolutely incredible gift. Thousands of processes are happening right at this moment that are keeping you alive, and you don’t even have to think about them. Being alive is a true miracle. This year, show your body a deep love and gratitude for all of the amazing things it does for you every single moment of every single day that you are alive, here on this Earth.

This morning I woke up to the news that cancer had lead to the loss of an amazing artist, David Bowie at age 69. Cancer sucks. It’s far too widespread and affects far too many people in my life and yours. As I approach 40, more and more of my friends are being diagnosed. THIS IS NOT OK. Do you want to know WHY I’m so passionate about education people about optimal health and wellbeing? I truly believe that if we treat our bodies the best we can, including healthy, whole food eating, regular cardiovascular and weight bearing exercise and optimal supplementation, we are giving ourselves the BEST preventative medicine.

One of the speakers I had to opportunity to hear from this past weekend was Dr. Ladd McNamara, (bio from his website): Ladd McNamara, M.D. is an author and international speaker on the subject of health and wellness, specifically, in the areas of nutritional supplementation, anti-aging, and optimal health. Dr. McNamara practiced as a board certified medical doctor in Atlanta, Georgia prior to retiring early to follow his passion to spread the message of disease prevention and maintenance of health through nutritional supplementation.

Every time I listen to Dr. McNamara I learn even more. He talked about the role of the immune system. And the key role of our immune system is to look for damaged cells, which are actually cancer cells. We all have about 500 cancer cells in our bodies right now. And the immune system will scout the body and get rid of these cells before they grow out of control. It is the uncontrolled growth that causes the problems. Yes, this is a very simple way of looking at things. However wouldn’t it make sense to make sure that our immune system is as healthy and strong as possible?

I have been on a personal journey to optimal health for almost a decade now. And it’s truly been a journey. The way I eat has changed, how much water I drink, the type of exercise I do and the amount of supplements I take has increased the healthier I get. Yes, that’s correct. The healthier my lifestyle gets, the more supplements I take. I am passionate about supporting my clients and creating a plan to help them achieve optimal health. And for those that are willing and ready to make changes, together we can make true lasting changes. As Sergio Rojas (another speaker from this weekend) put it, anyone can lose weight, it’s keeping it off that’s the real challenge.

In 2016, I am commitment to being in my own best health, and as I have mentioned in past blogs, that means giving up sugar. I have to be extremely careful with sugar as I become easily addicted and suffer from very strong cravings if I overdo just once. It may sound extreme, but that’s what my body needs in order for me to be in my BEST health. Your needs are different. Your journey is different. And I would love to be a part of getting you on the right path.

If this blog post has resonated with you, or if this post makes you feel uncomfortable, send me a quick message and we’ll set up at time to chat either by phone or Skype. I can be reached via info (at) julieboyer.com. Together, let’s create a plan for 2016 to be your BEST health year yet!!

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