What Is Your Power Emotion?

network marketing pro, tony robbins, eric worreLast night I had another opportunity to see Tony Robbins live, only this time it was via live stream from Las Vegas at the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event. Nothing can replace the energy of seeing Robbins live, but the stream was really amazing and I learned again from the master.

Gratitude Tip: We are all energetic beings. Your physical state has a direct correlation to your state of mind. How you feel often determines your results. Shifting from a negative emotion to a positive emotion is an incredibly valuable skill that anyone can learn. A powerful emotion such as gratitude can immediately shift your physical and mental state.

So what is your Power Emotion? What is the most powerful positive emotion for YOU that if you switched to that emotion, your state would change immediately? I am sure you can all guess what my power emotion is. Robbins has us choose two – and for me they are GRATITUDE and JOY.

For me, leading from gratitude and joy makes it easy to overcome any challenges that come across my plate. Gratitude makes all things possible. Gratitude is the key that can open any door. Joy is the feeling I have while watching the sunrise over the trees when I’m walking the woods. Joy opens the gateway to bliss. Joy makes my whole body light up with energy.

Your power emotions will may not be the same as mine. Start by making a list of all of the positive emotions your feel in a week. And then create a list of all of the negative ones you feel. Robbins then asks you to choose the two most powerful positive ones and the two most powerful negative ones. Your power emotions are the ones that can overcome your most powerful negative emotions at any time. This is an excellent exercise that only take a few moments to do. After you’ve done it for yourself, share your Power Emotions with me on the Facebook page.

One other point that really caught my attention is ‘The language we use controls our energy.’ If you’ve ever worked with me as a mentor, you know that I often suggest changing your language or using different words to describe a situation. I have grown hyper-aware of language and I can actually feel myself cringe when I hear dis-empowering and negative language. My apologies if I’ve suggested you change your words and you weren’t actually looking for help. I have written about the power of our words many times and I am confident that the first step to success is being mindful of what we are saying to ourselves (inner dialogue) and others.

julie boyer, daily gratitude, fall, gratitude projectToday is a gift. As I look outside my window, I see the sun shining on the leaves and the fall colours are glowing. Ask yourself this, which emotions are leading my life? Am I leading with gratitude? Or am I being lead by other emotions? Stop right now and take a closer look at your emotional state – and if you’re not in a positive place, change it. Tomorrow is not promised. Make today the BEST day you possible can. And remember that I love you and I’m most grateful for you. xoxox

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