There are always different options to solve problems: win win; win lose or lose lose. My favourite has to be win win and win, where there are three different parties (or more) that stand to gain from a solution or a particular choice. When we live a life that is grounded in gratitude, it becomes second nature to focus on win win. Where in your life are you choosing win win over winning at all costs or win lose?

This past weekend, I had the incredible opportunity to speak at an event in Surrey (close to Vancouver), BC. I part of the USANA BC kickoff event for 2017 and my workshop was called Manifesting Your Best Year Ever. It was similar to a webinar program I had done in December, modified for time and a live audience. The decision to invite me to speak was made by the leadership at USANA Canada and the leaders who were putting on the event. And this choice turned out to be a win win win in so many ways.

choose win win

My new bling Converse for speaking!

As a speaker, one of the things I value is giving my audience some kind of concrete action or steps that they can move forward with after hearing me speak, whether it’s a 10 minute talk or a 2 hour workshop. For this event, I feel as though it was a WIN for the workshop guests, because they left with detailed goals for 2017 and a plan of action for the next 90 days, all grounded on a foundation of gratitude. It brings me so much joy to have people share with me that they gained value from spending time in my workshops and that what I shared made an impact on them.

As a representative of USANA Canada and also as a member of the leadership in USANA, I also wanted it to feel like a WIN for those organizing the event. I chose to create the absolute best content for the audience and made sure that I was well prepared and arrived early for set-up. And I also felt as though it was a WIN because I got to work with one of my really good friends, Kimberley, who is also a USANA leader and was instrumental in putting together the event.

And finally, on a personal note, this trip is also a win. My sister and her family live in North Vancouver, so I chose to bring my daughter along for the trip so that she could spend some time with her cousins. It was a bit of challenge to decide whether to choose to take her out of school for several days when school had just started again over the holidays, however I knew in my gut that it would be a WIN for so many people if I did choose to bring her with me.

It’s so funny to me sometimes, I feel so incredibly grateful to be asked to come and speak and travel across the country for a one day event – and then in return I received so much gratitude from others. It’s such an amazing feeling. I know that I am on the right track to create some truly amazing things in 2017. You with me? How can we create a win win win for you as well?


Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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