julie boyer, the grateful entrepreneurYou are one in more than 7 billion! It is a true miracle that two cells came together and created YOU, the one and only unique YOU. What is it that makes you unique? What gifts do you have to share with the world?

Gratitude Tip: We often get caught up in feeling like in order to share our gifts we have to make a huge impact in the world, write a best-selling book, speaking in front of thousands – and for some, that is what their gifts are. For so many others, their gifts are simply being the best possible parent to their kids. Your gifts can be that you are the best at colouring hair (which Helen is!), you’re the best at gardening (my neighbor Melanie), you are the best accountant, lawyer, realtor and that is where your gifts are. Figuring out what your gifts are, that’s a whole other challenge.

Last night I attended the launch of Pinkpreneurs in Burlington, led by Tenleigh Percy. Tenleigh is an amazing realtor and what lights her up is that she wants to be a TV host. When she shares her dream, she totally lights up and speaks with passion and enthusiasm. We are all now holding her accountable to start her YouTube Channel, where she will interview all of the different kinds of experts you need to connect with when buying your first home. The same thing happens to be me when I am speaking about gratitude. I could go on for days! In fact I do, in this blog.

What if your gifts aren’t as obvious? Perhaps you may feel as though you don’t have any gifts to share. I promise you that you do. Everyone is unique and we all have a gift (or a few) to share. How do we figure out our gifts?

  • Time. As I approach 40 and many of my friends are hitting the same milestone, I see so many who are really finding their purpose and hitting their stride. Yes, some people’s gift are obvious from a very young age, which makes things a lot easier. Others gifts will become more developed with time. And if time hasn’t already revealed your gifts, let’s look at the next steps.
  • Flow. What activities put you in a state of flow? Being in flow is about completely losing track of time and awareness of what is going on around you. It’s almost like tunnel vision, your focus becomes clear and sharp and you get more done during that period of flow than at any other time in the day. My husband is a programmer, and when he is in a state of flow, the code almost writes itself.
  • What comes naturally? Often we will overlook our gifts because they come ‘naturally’ to us and we don’t really have to work at it. We may assume that it’s the same for everyone, when in reality, most people struggle with the same activity. For example, you may find that organization is easy and obvious for you – where as most people struggle with this. I know many professional organizers who found their passion this way. They would find themselves organizing without even really thinking about it, it was something that came naturally. And they turned that gift into a profession.
  • Still stumped? Ask for help. Connect with your family, friend, co-workers, gym buddies – anyone with whom you spend more than a few hours a week with and ask them what they think you do better than anyone else. Write down their answers and at the end of the week, you’ll have a place to start to develop your gifts.

Please don’t leave this world without unwrapping your gifts. You have a song that you are meant to sing, a role that you are meant to play and by unleashing your gifts, even on a local scale, you’ll be creating a ripple effect that could change the world. Once you have made a decision to share your gifts, you’ll inspire others to do the same.

Only 2 more sleeps until we’re starting #40daysofgratitude a simply, daily challenge, where all you do is post a photo (or a phrase) on Instagram or Facebook and tell us what you’re grateful for today. All of the details can be found here. Are you in?

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