Ok, I admit that it is finally sunny this morning, but we did enjoy 3 full days of rain, non-stop.  I was starting to think that we were going to enjoy the beautiful weather they have in Seattle or Vancouver! I thought about it over the weekend, while we were basically trapped inside while the rain and wind pounded outside.  I was curious about what do to during that time and came up with some creative, not-so-creative and just plain boring stuff to do indoors on a rainy day (or days).

First, I’m sure we can all admit that we have too much clutter around the house.  Garage sale season is just around the corner (or if you don’t want to store your extra stuff – just donate it to charity) so a rainy day is a great time to start purging around the house. One suggestion – start with one room at a time, and don’t move on to a second one until the first one is finished.  It can also be a good time to sort out the paperwork in your office and make sure that important documents have been taken care of and are filed in the correct place. It’s amazing how much happier and healthier you may feel after getting rid of some of the clutter and have organized some of your paperwork.

Of course, once the clutter is gone, time for spring cleaning.  Sounds like fun, non? Being trapped inside is a great opportunity to clean the things you only do once in a while, such as the fridge (and behind the fridge, yuck!), dusting of the books on the book shelves, the bathroom shelves (to get rid of expired or unused medication, return it to your pharmacy, please do not dump it in the toilet!), under the bed … I mentioned some of the reasons behind all of this in my previous post on feng shui.

That’s the boring stuff – what about the interesting stuff?  How about baking something? Do you have a collection of cookbooks like I do? Do you actually use them on a regular basis (I don’t!)? So when the weather outside is looking awful, why not bake up a treat (could be a healthy treat)? Or how about a soup made from scratch – I heard it’s not that hard to make.  You could always invite a friend or two over to bake together and enjoy a meal too.

If the kitchen is not your thing, how about a movie marathon? I loved doing this as a teenager.  Choose your favorite trilogy i.e. original Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Godfather or your favorite director i.e. Kevin Smith, James Cameron, Martin Scorsese and pick three or four of their greatest hits.  Pop some popcorn and other healthy snacks (keep the junk to a minimum since you’re probably not getting out to exercise!) and invite a few friends over.  It’s really fun to watch movies everyone has seen a number of times – I get a kick out of reciting some of my favorite lines from Star Wars.

Finally, a rainy day can be a great time to be crafty. Whether you have kids or not, being creative and making something new can help the time pass quickly.  How about making new greeting cards from ones you’ve kept over the years? Cut out your favorite scenes from the front cover of the cards and glue them on to construction paper.  This can be a lot of fun for kids, especially making Christmas or holiday cards. Or this could be a great time to get started on your Vision Board!

We used to make photo frames from old cereal boxes – yes we actually printed photos back in the day. It’s easy to make – you cut out the frame from the front of the box, and use the back of the box for the back of the frame.  Turn the front of the box over, so that you working with the brown side.  Cut out interesting words, phrases, colours, shapes, people etc from magazines and glue them collage style on to the border of the frame.  Add glitter and stickers if you like, and protect with a layer of clear glue (again, rubber cement was great here).  Glue your photos to the back and glue the frame on top!  If you can imagine it, they are really cleaver and make a great gift.

Question of the day – what do you like to do on a rainy day? What did you do this weekend if you were stuck inside all day?

Enjoy the sunshine today if you’re lucky enough to have it – spring is around  the corner and with it, lots of rain.

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