A bit of irony in my life yesterday, as my daily post was about making today the BEST day ever. Shortly before 9 am, I stepped off a curb and completely rolled my ankle. Now I’ve rolled my ankle before but this was bad and I knew it was bad. My husband came home from work and took me to the ER for an Xray and thankful, nothing was broken!! However, I was not able to weight bear and the swelling was growing. To add an extra challenge, it’s my right foot so I cannot drive. Here’s where our gratitude foundation helped:

Gratitude Tip: Sometimes thing just happen. A simple step off a curb turns into a badly sprained ankle. Gratitude is found in the fact that a) it could have been much worse, b) there are people going through much more difficult challenges and c) I have the resources, knowledge and support in place to help me heal quickly. And my husband and I both agree that we don’t know why this happened and it’s not our place to ask why, we both have faith that for some reason this is all part of God’s plan and it will all work out exactly as it’s meant to.


Thankfully, I do work from home and have a mostly virtual business. Last night I was scheduled to do a workshop for the McMaster Alumni Associate called Life is Not Linear: Using Gratitude To Create Purpose. I decided that I didn’t want to cancel, so I found a few creative solutions. I was able to get a ride to the event from a new friend, Jim Ribau, who will be the speaker for the event next week with Mac Alumni. We changed the workshop arrangement so that we were all sitting around a large boardroom table and I was sitting at the head, with my foot up. Everyone was very understanding and I did my best while not being able to walk around and connect in that way with the participants.

I am grateful that I did go ahead with the workshop. It was an amazing group of women (and Jim) from all different backgrounds and ages. We did a personal gratitude assessment to set the tone for the evening. Then we worked on our individual purpose or WHY statements and finished off the evening with a visualization and goal setting for the rest of 2016. I really enjoyed the workshop and I feel that it added value to the participants who were there. And that’s my purpose. If even one attendee makes a change or sees the world a little more gratefully, it was worth making it happen, even though I was injured.

Extra supplements this morning!

Extra supplements this morning!

This morning, I am happy to say that I can now weight bear on my foot! The bruising is starting to show up but the swelling is actually less than last night! I have an amazing support crew and I did take a LOT of supplements to help with reducing inflammation, including my favorite, Proflavanol C100 which is a combination of grapeseed and vitamin C in a bi-layer tablet from USANA. It’s very very powerful and I often recommend it to others who post their injuries on Facebook :-). It was time for me to use my own recommendations.

Seems to be working so far! I am incredibly grateful to be on the mend as I am hosting our Toronto MySmartFoods launch this coming Saturday from 10 – 1 pm at the Westin Harbour Castle and will be speaking in front of 500+ people. Thankfully, I won’t be using crutches but I likely won’t be in heels. If you’d like to join us, please send me a message as we are almost at capacity for the event! www.lifestylemasterclass.eventbrite.ca

And in other hilarious news, there is now a huge local power outage! I found a creative way to post this blog by tethering my phone to the computer so that I have internet. God is HILARIOUS this week!!

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