HappyLeap Day, julie boyer, the grateful entrepreneurIt’s February 29th, Leap Year Day which means that 2016 has 366 days, not 365. A whole extra day to be amazing! It may seem like it’s just another Monday, but it’s a very special and magical day that only occurs every four years. How will you make the best of today?

Gratitude Tip: Wake up and give thanks today, just as you would any other day. Because every single day that you have, here on earth, is a gift. Our time here is so very short and today we have an extra day to make a difference. How can we make a difference today for someone else?


I remember finding out about Leap Day when I was a child and I was really fascinated by it. The way I remember when a leap year is coming up is that it’s the same year as the Summer Olympics. Of course, when I was young, it simply coincided with the Olympic year as both used to be in the same year. Who remembers that? There is of course a scientific reason behind the extra day that makes up for the fact that our celestial year is 365 1/4 days long. However it’s still fun to imagine that there is a big of magic woven into this day as well. I was born on the 29th of January so I also love the number 29.

Pay attention today. How can you be of service to others? How would you be able to share your daily gratitude practice? Who are you spending your time with? Who’s birthday is it? Make sure you take the time to wish them a happy birthday!

I was truly surprised at all of the positive reactions I have received so far from my post yesterday about a lesson in abundance and Lululemon pants. Did you have a chance to check it out? I’d love your feedback. It was a very powerful lesson for me and I truly feel a shift in my energy.

Live Launch! julie boyer, 30 day whole body detoxExactly one month from today we will be launching the 5th edition of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox program!! I spent almost 5 hours yesterday working on the recipe and guidebook updates and it’s almost ready to go. I’ve decided to print limited copies of the book this year (we haven’t had a printed copy since 2013). The program has grown tremendously and the print version will be 120 pages!! The electronic version is about 100 pages. Please join us for live launch event on Tuesday March 29th here in Burlington Ontario, register ahead of time to secure your spot. We will also be doing a webinar online the following week for those who cannot attend the live event. Stay tuned for all of the details. My mom Louise and my aunt Suzanne are also hard at work on the French translation – an enormous project! If you’re interested in sharing the program en français we are currently offering a special pre-sale pricing on the program here.

It’s Day 32 of the #40daysofgratitude challenge! Congratulations to Cheryl MacLellan who completed her first live Gratitude Workshop yesterday!!

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