What’s Most Important Today?

sunrise, florida, julie boyer, daily gratitude projectThis time of year, it’s easy to wake up and see the sunrise. The days are slowly getting longer and the nights a little bit shorted, so it’s the perfect time to take advantage of a few sunrises and sunsets. Many of us will be off for the next few days (or perhaps until the first week of January) and now is a great time to slow down and remember what is most important today.

Gratitude Tip: Breathe in deeply. Smile as you exhale. Take a look around you. Who do you see? That’s what’s most important today. Give the biggest gift of all over the next few days, the gift of your attention. Find gratitude in the smallest of things. Hug often. Express your love and affection as much as possible.

For many of us, tonight is the beginning of Christmas celebrations. Traditionally, I have attended a midnight mass service at our church as I love the music and being present with my church family for the first hour of December 25th. This year, we’ll be celebrating a little bit differently as our little family is together here in Florida. A time of quiet, peaceful rest and relaxation as we prepare for an amazing year ahead.

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