Coach vs. MentorWhat’s the different between a coach and a mentor? Is there even a difference? Do you need one or both in your life (or perhaps neither)? I have had many coaches in my business and in life, as well as several different mentors, both living and deceased. Today I’ll share with you my opinion on the value of coaches and mentors in our lives, whether we are in business or not.

Gratitude Tip: In order to grow in business and life we need support from mentors and coaches. Looking at others who have already reached the success you are aiming for is a great way to help you on your path to success. And when we reach out to those who are more successful than we are, we have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes so that we don’t repeat them ourselves.

What is a mentor? To me, a mentor is someone who you learn from whether they are physically around or not. Many of the mentors in my life are people I have never met, including Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marie Forleo, Brène Brown just to mention a few. Some are still living, some have not. I consider them mentor because they have achieved levels of success that I have yet to attain. I learn from their mistakes through their books, audio books, videos and other materials. As I study the Bible on a daily basis, I would also consider Jesus as a mentor, as there is much to learn from his teachings throughout the New Testament. In my USANA business, I have had many different mentors over the past decade, and the one constant has been my sponsor and one of my best friends, Leanne Jacobs. As my mentor, I turn to her for business advice when needed and I often will ask myself, ‘What would Leanne do in this situation?’ It’s a great way to shift my perspective on a giving scenario.

What is a coach? The biggest difference I see between a coach and a mentor is the accountability factor. In general, a coach will hold you more accountable to your actions. Often you will have weekly calls with your coach and be given a plan of action to execute and review on the next week’s call. There is usually a set amount of time for when you hire a coach, and the best use of your coaching time would be to hire a coach for a specific reason, perhaps when you are going through a business or personal growth challenge. I have worked with many different coaches over the past decade, some were a great use of my time and some weren’t the right fit at that time. It’s also possible to ask a coach to act as a mentor. If you know a coach who can help you specifically with an issue you are currently having, why not ask them for a few hours of their time (pay them of course!) instead of signing up for a coaching program.

What do I consider myself? I would say that for the most part, I am a mentor. I do run coaching programs for my team and will be creating some online coaching material in the near future (stay tuned!), however that remains a small percentage of my business. I’m not in the business of coaching or looking for coaching clients. What I am passionate about is mentoring and developing leaders on our tribe, Holistic Lifestyle Creators. By the way, if you’ve been thinking about joining our tribe, did you know that you can join the tribe for FREE this week when you enroll for a custom wellness program? To learn more about how it all works, visit my mentorship page and complete the application and I’ll get back to you within 12 hours.

Take a closer look today and see where you might need coach or a mentor in your life. What areas of growth do you need to work on?

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Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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