When God Wakes You UpI was awoken at 5:30 am this morning. My usual wake up time is 6:15. And when I woke up today, I was fully awake. I knew that God had woken me up for a reason, so I prayed and listened to hear what He had to say. Has this ever happened to you? You wake up before your alarm and you feel rested and completely awake. I have learned to listen and pay attention whenever this happens as there is something He has to tell me, or simply that starting my day earlier will be a blessing.

Gratitude Tip: Today is a GIFT. Stop for a moment, put down your phone and really think about this. You were given another day, here on earth, to make a difference and to be of service. Pause right now and give thanks for this amazing gift of a day. 

Our lives as a family have been changed by our faith. God is now a part of our daily conversations. There is prayer throughout the day and we talk about Jesus and how we can best serve others in his name. It may seems like a drastic change to some of you, but it’s been happening gradually over the past 16 months or so. And the reason is that 16 months ago, I had an amazing personal experience with Jesus.

As many of you know, I survived a life-threatening bacterial infection called invasive group-A strep back in December of 2014. It happened following a miscarriage and subsequent D&C. I had to be put into a medically induced coma for almost 7 days in order to heal. When I was awakened after seven days, I was still very sick. The second night after I was awake, I had a lot of trouble sleeping (due to the pain medications). I was drifting in and out of sleep. I was singing Christmas songs in my head to try and combat the discomfort from the pain meds. All of a sudden, I felt very calm and at peace. And I heard Jesus speak to me (in French). He told me that all of our prayers, from all of the people who had been praying for me, had been heard and that I would be healed and I would be home in 2 days (which is what I had prayed for). And he told me that anything I ever want, all I have to do is ask in prayer. And he ended with reminding me that it is all love, we are all love. I woke up with tears in my eyes and a tremendous sense of love and peace.

A few hours later, it was still the middle of the night and I finally fell asleep again. This time, Jesus came to me and held me in his arms, and rocked me in his arms to heal me. I remember his face and I remember where we were, in front of a beautiful building with Greek-style arches in white. I was conscious of the experience but not awake. It’s not the same feeling as a dream, it was very real and the memory has not faded. What’s interesting is that later on, I saw a photo of Sanoviv Medical Institute on the cover of a USANA Magazine and realized that the building we were in front of when I was in his arms looked just like the front of Sanoviv. I have never been there, but it’s a place where people go to heal.

That morning was Wednesday. Later that day I was transferred to the regular ward and released home on Thursday afternoon. I still had a long way to go in my healing but I was home in two days, just as I had asked for.

Our gratitude practice was solid before any of this happened. And we had faith. Since that time, our faith has deepened every single day, especially since I am now a witness of Jesus Christ and all that he is capable of. I am certain that one of the reasons I am still here is to spread the Good News and to share my faith with others. As I have said before, my faith is my journey and I honour and respect where you are in your faith journey. Not every post will be about faith and God, but when I am drawn to share my faith with you, I will. I promise to continue to share my passion for gratitude with all of you and serve my gratitude community to the best of my abilities.

And remember, it’s Friday!! Make this that last day of your BEST WEEK EVER!!!

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