When is Sacrifice Necessary?

Sacrifice is generally regarded as a negative word. And there are many things in our lives (including our lives!) that we should not sacrifice in order to create the life of our dreams. This definition from Merriam-Webster sums up what I’m talking about today: ‘the act of giving up something that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or to help someone‘.

Gratitude Tip: There are times in our lives where we will have to choose to make sacrifices in order to serve others. To create an impact on a global level, there are usually sacrifices made when it comes to our families, our jobs and our careers. And if we are out of alignment, these sacrifices can become too great and the payoff will not be worth it. How can we balance sacrifice with long term gain and a win-win scenario?

Last night I watched the Pentatonix On My Way Home documentary on Netflix. The documentary itself wasn’t that great, it lacked flow and there wasn’t enough actual singing, however the interview with bass singer Avi Kaplan was very poignant as he spoke about the sacrifices that they had to make in order to give the gift of their music on a global scale. Being away from family, not being home for the holidays and spending months on the road is par for the course for any successful musician or artist. It’s easy to forgot that with fame on a global scale there is a cost.

John Maxwell also speaks about the different sacrifices he has made in his own life to become one of the foremost leadership development authors and speakers of our time. He moved his own family around the country several times early in his career as a pastor and when he made the difficult decision to leave California and move the John Maxwell Organization across the country to Atlanta to be closest to a major airline hub, which would save him and his employees thousands of hours of flight commuting a year.

I have been thinking a lot about creating an even bigger picture in my own life. And I believe that yes, there are some sacrifices that I will have to make in order to get there. I know why I am here and what my purpose is, and sharing this message on a global scale has now become a priority for me. 2016 will be a pivotal year for my business – stay tuned for some amazing things in the works for the first quarter of 2016!!

Before I close off this post, there are a few things which I feel are not worth sacrificing for any purpose.

  • Our lives
  • Our health and well-being: Especially sleep, which is ok to sacrifice for the short term, but is not worth sacrificing for the long term
  • Our values
  • Our closest relationships: Keeping your inner circle of support close at hand will be essential for creating change on a global scale. We may spend much less time together in the short term, but the depth of these relationships can continue to grow as we grow.
  • Our family: We may have to be away from our children or our spouses geographically, but we can always hold them dear in our hearts and practice being present when we are physically close by.
  • Our spiritual connection with God, The Universe or The Divine

Are there sacrifices you are going to be making in 2016?


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