Ready to try something New, julie boyer, the grateful entrepreneurDo you remember the last time you tried something new? As children, we are trying new things on a daily basis and as we get older, we become creatures of habit and find ourselves having a hard time remembering the last time we did something new. Last night at our monthly Pinkpreneurs meeting, we challenged each other to do something new before the end of this month (February). Want to join us?

Gratitude Tip: One of the best ways to activate our creativity is by doing something new. We could all use more creativity in our lives as I’ve learned by reading Big Magic. When we try something new, our mind is stretched and never really returns to what it was before. We are creating new pathways and connections in our brain. Gratitude lives in the fact that our lives allow us to try new things every day if we choose to, as our basic needs of food, water and shelter are already taken care of and we have the space for new and exciting things.


In a beautiful coincidence, it turns out that I had already tried something new yesterday, so I’m ahead of the game ;-). I had my first suggestive hypnosis session with Sheila Hill, Navigator, who is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist. I have always been interested in hypnosis and had never tried it before. When I read Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss last month, I become more and more interested in the process of hypnosis and more open to it. I decided that it was time to give it a try for myself and thankfully, Sheila has recently become certified as a hypnotherapist and is taking on new clients. Sheila and I already have a wonderful relationship and I trust her, which is essential when working with a hypnotherapist.

The easiest way to explain what happens during a session is that it’s like being in a very deep meditative state, deeper than I would ever be able to get to on my own. Once I was in this state, Sheila then spoke directly to my subconscious mind (I was still able to hear and understand) the different phrases we had discussed ahead of time. When I came back from this deep state of meditation I felt amazingly relaxed and clear. It was a lovely experience and I believe it was very powerful.

Before the hypnosis session began, we discussed a specific topic/goal that I want to achieve. We spoke about the benefits of reaching this goal, what it would mean for me and my family and many other factors around it, including some visualization. She made sure to use my words, words that would mean something to me on the subconscious level. At one point she mentioned that perhaps I was an excellent multi-tasker and I said that I didn’t like that term, so we changed it to a word that I felt better described the fact that I can get a lot of things done in a short period of time.  I like ‘prolific’ – the artist definition, which means producing many works. This first part of the session was also very valuable as it helped me spell out with even more clarity what achieving my goal would mean for me, my family and my tribe.

Would I suggest giving this type of therapy a try? Yes. I would caveat this by saying that the more open you are as a person, the more fun the process will be. I have spent a lot of time learning about our subconscious mind and our higher self, so this practical application made sense to me. I would definitely use it again for a different question or challenge that may come up in my life. Sheila is based in Oakville, Ontario if you’d like to connect with her directly. She is also a Life Coach and uses other therapeutic methods as well, if you’re not quite ready for hypnotherapy.

Are you ready to try something new this month? Pretend you’re a little kid for the day and be open to trying new things that come across your path. Or make an effort by changing things up, taking a new route home, visiting a new store, going to a museum, as you never know where your creativity will be sparked. I’d love to hear about what you’ve found to try!

It’s almost the end of February and we are on Day 27 of the #40daysofgratitude. It is a challenge to keep up a challenge for 40 days. For those who observe Lent, you understand what I mean. We all begin with good intentions and often fall off track within a week or two. That’s ok! Get back on track and start again from where you are. No need to give up completely on the goal.

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