Amy, Sara & Julie after the show

Amy, Sara & Julie after the show

What an amazing performance last night of Jesus Christ Superstar by Brampton Musical Theatre at the Rose Theatre in Brampton! It’s been a while since I’ve been out to see a show, and what I love about community theatre is that it’s a very affordable evening out, and a professional quality show. Where do the arts and culture fit into your life? Is it something that you make time for?

Gratitude Tip: When you visit an art gallery, museum, live show, the orchestra or any other kind of artists performance, it’s a way to see people expressing their unique gifts. It give people a chance to vibrate at the highest level and share their passion. Since only a very small percentage of artists will make their living through their art, opportunities such as community theatre give very talented people a place to perform. And the quality of the performance was extraordinary!


I am truly grateful to live in a culturally rich geographic area. It’s one of the reasons we are staying in Burlington for the time being. I was very blessed growing up, my parents exposed me to the Ballet, the Symphony and Musical Theatre from a young age. Even though I was an athlete, we didn’t go to many live sporting events, although that’s another great advantage of living in this area. And not only in Toronto, there is Performing Arts Centre here in Burlington, as well as in Hamilton too.

My friend Sara and her son were in the show, as mentioned previously, as was an old friend, Paul Miesner, with whom I performed in musical theatre back when I was in high school. I remember being in highschool (like Christopher) and doing community theatre with all of these ‘old’ adults – and I am now one of them!! It was truly an amazing experience and something I think about getting back into again as I loved it. Sara, who just turned 51, was a part of the dance ensemble and absolutely ROCKED it!! The rest of the dance ensemble was decades younger and she was just as energetic (and shaking her booty!!) as the other women. Talk about the benefits of a USANA lifestyle indeed!!!

Have you been spending some time figuring out what your gifts are? What could you try this spring to explore your gifts? Another friend of mine, Josette, sent me an image of a painting she did yesterday because it had been ages since she picked up a brush. I could feel the joy vibrating from the image! What used to bring you joy that you haven’t done in a while? Spend an hour or two doing that today. And then let me know what you’ve discovered!

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