Where The Growth Happens

Yesterday was a 12 hour day of training and personal growth at The Art of Leadership course with Tony &Tammy Daum of Excellence Performance Coaching, here in Toronto. There are many things that I have learned and experienced so far and I will share much of it over the next week or so on this blog. My question for you this morning is where does growth happen?

Gratitude Tip: Growth does not occur when we are comfortable or following the majority. Growth only occurs when we are uncomfortable or when we are faced with challenges. When resistance shows up in our lives, it’s something to be grateful for, as it’s an opportunity to grow. We have two choices, avoid resistance at all costs or face it, feel it, process it, learn and move on. And if growth is the goal, you’ll have to choose to face it every time.

Tony reminded us that in life we are not static, we are either growing or decaying. And we can grow at a fast rate or a slow rate, and decay at a slow or fast rate. We know that change is the only constant in life. This weekend, I encourage to take a closer look at whether you are growing or decaying. Which direction are you headed? The great news is that you can change the direction and the speed at any time. An experiential weekend such as this one will definitely accelerate growth as we are compressing learning and discomfort into a very short period of time.

I often talk about sharing your gifts and being your best self, and I want you to know that I really mean it. You are unique, special, powerful and incredible. Yes, you! You have a gift inside of you that no one else can unwrap. You were put here on this Earth, at this time, for a reason. We all have a purpose and our one and only mission in life is to reveal it. Instead of shrinking and decaying as we get older, focus on growth and expansion every day. It’s never too late or two early to find your purpose and start living a life of purpose. When you live a life of purpose, you’ll never work another day in your life. The lines between work and passion will be become blurred. And you’ll start doing things like waking up early every day (even when you’re in a different time zone) to write a blog about your passion – and it will be something that you look forward to rather than dread.

If you want be surrounded by people who are looking for and living their passion, who are supporting and loving, are living in their best health and committed to personal growth, take a look at my mentorship program. ¬†Make a decision to shift your life in this last month of 2015 and together we’ll create the best year of your life in 2016.

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