A few weeks ago, I was caught up in a day care disaster. The home day care I had lined up for the month of August fell through and I had less than 24 hours to find another solution for full-time care in August. I only needed day-care for August, as I’m not going back to work full-time (as most of you know, I’ve been back for a while, just doing it when I’ve got a few minutes here and there) but I had committed to 2 weeks of French cooking camp here at my home. And those of you who have kids can understand why I wouldn’t do this with a 10 month old in the house.

With some help from my friends on Momstown and Twitter, I had 2 possible solutions within hours and less than 24 hours later, we had signed on with a full-time day care facility only 5 minutes from home. I have to say that I am very blessed to have found a place that had spaces and could accept my daughter immediately at only 10 months of age. And that it’s a great day care.

I am curious to find out what other people do with their kids. What options, if any, have you chosen for childcare? Are your parents or in-laws able to help? Home day care vs. Day care facility? Montessori? And how did you choose your care provider? I never thought I’d be needing day care, as I had always planned to stay at home with my daughter. Turns out I did need this help this month and I’m also planning to put her in care two days a week in September.  There are many reasons why I’ve chosen to do so, including time to work on my USANA business, socialization for her and time to get stuff done around the house and do errands!!

Now I understand why stay-at-home moms have nannies or put their kids in care a few days a week! Once they start moving, you can’t get anything done unless they are asleep. And what on earth do you do with more than one?!?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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