Basic CMYKYou’ve probably seen this image before, the wheel of life balance showing all areas of your life. You’re meant to rank each area of your life on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being closest to the inner spoke and 10 being the rim of the wheel. When you complete the exercise, it’s likely that you’ll have a shape that could never possible turn, and therefore your life is unbalanced. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a balanced life for those who would like to achieve their BIG vision and goals in this lifetime. Instead, we have seasons of life.

Gratitude Tip: In order to create our best life and manifest our vision, there will be times of major imbalance in our lives. And that’s ok. What’s important to learn how to do is that when we are focused on one major area, such as career or wealth creation, we are aware of the other areas of our lives and understand that right now, not everything can be at a ten. 

Looking back on the last decade of my life, there have been many different seasons, where one area is at a 9 or 10 and the others are further behind. In order for me to be where I am today, those seasons were vital. When I had my daughter, the first 6 months of her life were completely about family. The rest was probably at a one or two. And then as she got a bit older, things shifted again and when she was about 9 months old I started to build up my career again. Training for Ironman triathlon, my life was completely unbalanced, and that was the only way possible for me to achieve that massive goal.

Today, my wheel is more balanced because I have the advantage of being in a career that includes health, personal development, building relationships, creating wealth and a positive attitude. Much of my social life is spent with my business partners and clients, not intentionally but I have limited time for social activities (this part is unbalanced by choice) so often I will combine business and fun, why not? The reason why the balanced life is a myth for most people is often their job or career takes up a large portion of their awake time, but it only fulfills one spoke in the wheel, so it’s virtually impossible to create any kind of balance. And if it’s only for a short season, that’s perfect. However if it’s a permanent state of being, it’s worth looking at more closely.

A season is short time, maybe a few months or it could stretch out to a year or two. If we do remain completely unbalanced on one spoke of the wheel for too long, our lives will fall apart. Spend ten years building a career and little time on family, you may find yourself waking up one morning alone. Focus on fun and social life for too long, and you no longer have a career or business to build.

What’s the solution in all of this? There are few options. Take note of where you are right now. Have you been focused on one spoke for too long? Are you still working towards a goal that you haven’t reached? Perhaps part of the reason you have not reached it yet is because you’ve spent too long on one spoke. Last fall I took up a ballet/barre class because my husband suggested that I needed to do something for me. He was right, I had spent too long with a focus on career and family, that was all that I really did. A fun activity just for me was ideal! Was I still unbalanced? Yes! Did the new activity help? Yes! In fact, since last fall, I feel like my wheel is more aligned than ever.

A balanced life is a myth, so I encourage you to stop worrying about it. Work on becoming aware of how your are spending your time and if it’s not serving you and not getting you closer to your dreams. make adjustments by using the wheel as a guide. And if you’ve made the choice to be unbalanced for a season – go for it! Embrace it and go for your goal with all of your heart. I’ve got your back my friend.

Day 18 of #40daysofgratitude challenge. Congratulations to Kathy Hickey who won a beautiful gratitude journal yesterday as a random draw prize for the challenge. I’ll be doing a draw in another week or so. You can join us at anytime, I’ll be looking at the hashtag #40daysofgratitude from today on for our next prize draw.

Finally, I recorded a Valentine’s Day message for you, take a peek if you didn’t see it on Facebook.


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