Today I’m going to be frank and share my personal reasons why I am starting the 28 Day Total Body Detox (TBD) on Monday April 22nd. Last detoxlogo2year, I had some pretty incredible results with the program. You can read about it here. I don’t think the results will be as dramatic this year (i.e. discovering I had a gluten intolerance was pretty life changing for me) but I have a few reasons why I am looking forward to getting started.

  • Chocolate. I’ve mentioned this a few times and I know that dark chocolate has antioxidants, but I eat far more than the ‘healthy’ dose. I have a new chocolate love, Zazu. I am fairly confident that you’re not supposed to eat a 100 g bar daily. It’s a sugar craving and although I have been better since I did our 10 day detox program after Valentine’s Day, this past Easter holiday (Eggies) made it challenging for me to let go of this craving.
  • Alcohol. My alcohol consumption has been reduced dramatically since I did the 28 Day TBD last year, which is a good thing. I like giving my liver a break for 28 days. I am not prepared to give up the antioxidants in wine for the rest of my life, but I can for 28 days. Also, since I am no longer able to drink beer (no, I don’t like gluten-free beer) I will occasionally choose ciders – which are very tasty but also very high-glycemic, which is not good for insulin levels!
  • Taking care of myself. If you read this blog regularly you may have noticed that I have taken on several large projects in the past three months, including writing a book (which is now in the design stages!!), revamping the 28 Day TBD program, building a new website and continuing to build my primary business with USANA Health Sciences. I have also recently traveled to Vancouver and will be in Chicago this weekend. All of this means that I haven’t taken as much time for ME as I would like to. One of the goals of the program is to focus on your health and your mindset for 28 days. I’m very excited to do this.
  • Spring cleaning. I love this time of year! Not only it is about cleaning up our homes and gardens, but also our diets! I tend to fall into dietary ruts, eating healthy foods but eating the same thing day after day. Using the recipes from our new 28 Day TBD Guide Book (45 pages, full colour!) will help me to break out of this rut and find new favorites.
  • Dairy products. As I am gluten intolerant, I have already cut out gluten from my diet. Dairy is an occasional treat, usually in the form of cheese. Like alcohol, I will never completely remove dairy from my diet but I do like to take a break, which will be great for my digestive system and help to reduce inflammation.

If any of these ring true for you as well, join me! We have a group starting on Monday April 22nd. It’s always more fun to do it together. You’ll get lots of great support, the full colour guide book and be taking a month to focus on YOU. Cost of the program starts at $172, and the VALUE of the program is well over $500. Please comment or email me directly to find out more: JulieB


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