julie boyer, grateful entrepreneurThat’s a great question! Why do we have such high expectations of ourselves and then we are disappointed when we don’t live up to them? And why do we forgive others but have such a hard time forgiving ourselves? And what can we do to change this?

Gratitude Tip: We are all human beings, with our flaws and our faults, our imperfections and our discomforts. Yet we are all perfect, right now, just as we are. It’s time we cut ourselves a little bit of slack and let go of the unrealistic expectations we have of ourselves. Let’s commit to forgiving ourselves and loving ourselves where we are today.


This is such a hard thing to let go of, especially for many parents. I see this with myself and other work from home parents. We are committed to our business and our work, but we are also parents first and we cannot control when our kids get sick or hurt. We often give ourselves such a hard time when we miss a day of work because the kids are on a PD Day (or March Break!). And in my opinion, it’s likely because we have set high goals and expectations for our business, and cannot see how to make them happen when we are back in full-time parent mode.

Letting go of our expectations is the first step. Releasing ourselves from the bonds of our vision of how it should be rather than simply opening our eyes to how it is. And asking for help – from friend, family and most importantly, God or your higher Source. I remember reading something by Esther Hicks and she mentioned how she would create a to-do list each morning with two columns, one for her and one for God. She would consciously move things over to the God side of the page and let Him take care of them for her.

This is why it’s so important to have faith in something bigger than ourselves. We aren’t able to do it all ourselves. And by allowing ourselves to hand some of it (or sometimes all of it) over to God, we can lower the expectations of ourselves and what we can create all by ourselves. With God (or Source) infinitely more is possible. And it’s easier! Where in your life can you hand things over to God?

Today is truly a magical gift. As I stare outside the window of my office and see the sun shining, I am reminded of how beautiful our world is. Let’s choose not to waste any more time being hard on ourselves today. Why don’t we give ourselves the benefit of the doubt and agree that we are all doing the best we can in any given moment? And in return, we can also extend the same courtesy to all those around us. I promise to doing my very best today. Are you in?

The 5th Edition of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox is now LIVE!!! I am super excited not only to do the program myself, but to coach new and returning clients through the program. I’ll be starting on April 4th with the first group of detoxers. And this year we are printing a guidebook once again (all clients get a pdf copy), and my first 10 clients who enroll this year will receive a book for FREE!! ($15 value). I have three already enrolled – who’s in next?

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