Why Can’t I Lose Weight? My Personal Weight Loss Story

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Never assume you know someone else’s story. We see photos or read about someone else’s success and often our default is to believe that it was easy for them or they have advantages that we don’t. In my experience, that’s not what I have seen.  Today, I may look healthy and slender, but that wasn’t always the case. Years ago, I completed two Ironman triathlons and I never lost a pound yet I didn’t give up hope. Everyone who accomplished any goal, whether it be releasing weight or creating a healthy lifestyle, did so with hard work and a shift in mindset – including me.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Most of us have been there at one time or another, where we struggling with maintaining a healthy weight. There’s a reason why it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. When I first started my business over 11 years ago, I was committed to helping others to achieve optimal health. What many people don’t know is that I’ve struggled with weight loss too.  In order to build a successful business, first I had to learn how to create optimal health for myself.

As an overweight teenager

In high school, I was overweight. Not in a serious way, but I had rolls on my stomach and never really felt comfortable in my body, as is the same with most teenage girls. I was blessed with very large breasts, which I found very uncomfortable and had a lot of trouble finding clothing that fit – buttons on blouses would pop open and I had to shop in specialty stores to find a bathing suit that fit. I wanted to wear bikinis like my friends, so I did, but I never felt comfortable or attractive.

My self- worth was attached to whether or not some guy was interest in me – and when you have large breasts, that attention comes easily. But it wasn’t healthy and I didn’t have a lot of respect for myself and my body. And even though I was an athlete (swimmer) all through high school, my body remained the same.

I never lost a poundBeing the only non-athlete in a Phys-Ed program

When I went to university, I studied Kinesiology (Phys-Ed) and was surrounded by fit athletes. I was active but not on any varsity teams so I wasn’t very fit and again, still overweight. I still hadn’t accepted my body yet and struggled to fit in in a world of athletes and jocks – which I was neither. What I found most difficult is that I was teased for not being able to run, while working as an instructor at the kids’ sports camp. Later, this negative energy became the fuel for training for triathlon and eventually the Ironman.

My first job, working for a sporting goods company

After graduation, I soon found myself working for New Balance Canada, the footwear and sporting goods company.  The blessing that came from that experience is that during this time I did actually learning how to run again.  I finally overcame knee issues that had plagued me since I was 12 and I fell in love with triathlon. However, my large breasts were really uncomfortable when I ran, so in 2000 I had a breast reduction, which was best decision for me. The surgeon didn’t ask me to lose any weight before the surgery, which often is the case with a reduction. My assumption was that he knew I was training as a competitive triathlete and was very fit, so my weight (even though I was overweight) was okay.

Training for the Ironman

Completed Ironman Canada 2003

When I realized that I could run again, I knew that I wanted to complete the Ironman. And in 2003, after training for almost four years, I completed Ironman Canada. While training an average of 20 hours per week or more, I didn’t lose a single pound. I accepted that this would be my size (still considered overweight) since all of the exercise hadn’t changed a thing. It probably didn’t help that I worked for Hershey Canada and has access to free chocolate and candy every day.

I never lost a pound

Ironman Switzerland 2006

Fast forward to 2006, I was training for my 2nd Ironman in Switzerland. As you can see from the photo, I believe I may be the biggest I have ever been.  Yet I was training anywhere from 1 to 6 hours a day. Again, I had accepted this as my size, since at this point I was 30 years old and had been pretty much the same since high school. When I share the photo from the race, it’s unrecognizable as me. What I didn’t realize is that in order for my shape to change, I really had to change what I was putting in my mouth and get rid of my serious carb and sugar cravings for good.

How I finally lost weight

challenges of racing the ironman

Ironman Arizona 2008

That same year, I started my USANA business and started to learn about low glycemic (GI) eating. One of the first programs I did was called the 5 Day RESET. This program was designed to help release sugar cravings and introduce a low glycemic diet, while supporting you with supplements for added energy and cellular nutrition.  Starting with the 5 Day RESET and continuing with the Maintenance program after, I changed the way I was fueling my body.  With no portion control or counting calories, I released 20 pounds and dropped 2 sizes. When I started training for Ironman number three, I felt absolutely amazing. I completed my third Ironman in Arizona, in April of 2008, at my lightest and healthiest weight yet.

It’s not about the calories, it’s about a lifestyle change

Along the way, I created different lifestyle change programs for my clients to help them to duplicate my success, based on the optimal health triad of Regular Exercise, Whole Food, Low GI Eating and Optimal Supplementation. Thousands of clients have had a lot of success, starting with the 5 Day RESET.

What is the 5 Day RESET?

The 5 Day RESET program was designed to help clients to get rid of carb and sugar cravings, get back on track with healthy eating and jumpstart a lifestyle change. Whatever your goals are when it comes to healthy eating, the 5 Day RESET program can be a great place to start. With the re-launch of my favorite program next week (August 7th), I’m very excited to help the next group of people on the first steps to optimal health. Are you in? Click here to pre-order your 5 Day RESET program or for more details on how it works.



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