Be authentic. Be true to yourself. Live authentically. These are all the latest buzz words around building a personal brand or following on social media. Why is it that we find authenticity and vulnerability attractive in others, yet we often struggle with how authentic we can be ourselves?

Gratitude Tip: The discomfort we feel when we expose ourselves to others is usually what holds us back from being authentic. How can we use gratitude to help us with this discomfort? Thing back to a blog post, article or Ted Talk for example where someone was sharing their story and their truth. How did that make you feel? Were you grateful that they shared a real human experience? Did you feel closer to them because of it? Now imagine how grateful others may be if you decided to be authentic with them.

Being authentic doesn’t mean sharing every little bit of our lives with others. Authenticity is showing that behind our successes and our good times there was some struggle and some challenges that had to be overcome. It’s about not hiding behind the facade of being perfect or being afraid to admit when we’re wrong or we’ve made a mistake. It’s also about speaking our truth to others when we have challenges in our relationships. And finally it’s about letting go of our need to compare ourselves to others.

I met up with my wonderful group of Pinkpreneurs last night and we briefly spoke about authenticity, and how there was fear around being completely authentic because who we are often doesn’t fit into any kind of box or mold that society has dictated. That’s the best part about being authentic – since there is only one YOU – being authentic definitely means that you are not going to fit into anyone else’s box, you’re not only outside the box but you’re not even in the same vicinity as the box! And that’s an AWESOME feeling!!

What if you could go about your day and simply BE yourself? How would that feel? Letting go of the expectations of others, speaking your truth, stepping into your gifts and your power? How amazing would that be? The ability to be authentic is closely linked with personal growth and development. The more we grow as individuals and the more self-confidence we gain, the easier it is to be authentic. And I believe that’s what’s changed in my writing over the past 10 months. I have been writing daily since July 13, 2015. Here’s the first post I wrote to give you an idea of how my writing has changed.

I realize that being authentic can be scary, but the most powerful ways to learn from each other is through sharing our stories. Especially when you’ve triumphed or overcome a difficult obstacle. This is premise for most movies! We learn most when we hear about what others have gone through. It’s our shared experiences as human beings that bring us closer together. And sometimes our stories will drive certain people away, and that’s ok because they will create space for the right people, your tribe, to come into your life.

What will you do today to begin living more authentically?

Today is Day 30 of the #30daywholebodydetox for me! I am officially done tonight and it’s perfect timing because I’m going to be very special event tonight and I’m sure I’ll want a few treats (I’ll keep you posted tomorrow). What will change in my life? Not really that much actually. I will continue to create the recipes from the guidebook, and I am definitely very cautious about adding back any sugar into my diet because I know how quickly I can get addicted. I will be going back to adding half a packet of Rev3 Surge powder to my morning shake, mostly because I love the flavour and not so much for the caffeine. This year has been the easiest for me yet and I’m sure by next year there won’t be much of a shift when I start the program.

The good news for you is that we do have groups starting next Monday May 2nd and May 9th. The program has really exploded this year and I haven’t been able to keep up with all of the new people who are doing the program and all of our coaches – we are already officially at 100+ coaches for the program!  Want to join us? ORDER NOW.


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