Stop wasting time being frustrated!

Stop wasting time being frustrated!

I am starting to realize that my ankle sprain isn’t going away in the next few days. And I have to admit, I’ve caught myself saying that I am frustrated about it several times. I realize that language doesn’t serve me or others around me, so instead of being frustrated about it, I thought it would be best to write a blog about why it’s just a waste of time. You see, this blog is just as much about my own growth and learning as it is (hopefully) adding value you to your life.

Gratitude Tip: Frustration is a very low frequency emotion. And it brings down our overall frequency when we spend time being frustrated. Frustration usually comes from a situation that we have no control over, that we wish were different. Finding the lesson or something to be grateful for in the situation can help us to work through our frustration. Sometimes just going back to our faith can also help us with frustration, as we let go of our need to know why and simply accept these circumstances as a part of our journey.

My personal challenge for today is to accept what it is, and focus on treatment and healing. Since I’m not going to be going for any long walks for a little while, perhaps I might be able to get back into the pool – which was one of my goals for this year and I haven’t started yet (and it’s already May). I’m going to look for the gifts that have come from this so far and be open to receiving any other gifts along the way. And I release my need to know why this happened. It did and it’s a part of God’s plan, and we are not always privy to the reason why. Our job is to keep our faith strong and believe that God always has our best interest at heart because he loves us unconditionally.

Where are you frustrated in your own life? What has been weighing on your mind? Is there a situation that doesn’t seem to make sense? I challenge you to the same challenge today, to let go of frustration and to focus on gratitude and love, and see if that helps the frustration to disappear. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to be both frustrated and grateful at the same time. Step out in to the sunshine for a little while and breathe deeply, giving thanks for the opportunity for another day to make a difference.

To those who receive this blog via email, sorry about yesterday. I wrote an excellent blog post, and forgot to post it! And then I was out til the earlier afternoon when I finally realized it. If you missed it and would like to check it out – here is it.

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