What is it with the international obsession with celebrities and their pregnancies (or lack of pregnancies)? I am really glad that I’m not a multi-million dollar superstar celebrity like Jennifer Aniston.  I get to enjoy being pregnant without my belly being plastered all over the tabloids and other magazines. It’s become the newest way to sell magazines, I swear.  The cover story seems to be about someone having a baby, wanting a baby, being ready for a baby or adopting a baby. What kind of reproductive pressure must these celebrities be under?

Trying to get pregnant can be a challenging process for many couples or single women who choose to have a baby on their own. There is enough pressure without the added pressure of the media’s fascination with celebrity women and their attempts to have children.  Sure, it’s part of the deal when you become a celebrity to lose many aspects of your private life, but isn’t it about time we left these women and their reproductive struggles alone?

Think about it, as an average women, you start getting the “when are you having a baby?” question within minutes of getting married.  Depending on your family, you might get this question at every family event until you actually have a baby in your belly.  That alone is enough pressure for most women.  And isn’t true that if the women is under stress, then it’s much more difficult to conceive? Dan and I are really blessed, we thought that it might take us years to conceive, and we were able to after 4 months (thanks to TCOYF!).  We have many friends who are still struggling to conceive, and countless others who had to use medical interventions in order to conceive. Even my parents struggled, it took them over 6 years to conceive me!

So why is there so much pressure on reproduction? Why are stories of these women and their challenges selling more magazines? Perhaps for some women, there is an element of understanding and being able to relate to their situations.  In some way, many women are still waiting for the perfect partner, like Jennifer Aniston and their biological clock just keeps ticking.  So perhaps there is a feeling of safety in numbers.

What are your thoughts about the fascination with celebrity pregnancies? Should we leave them alone, or is it our right to know about their reproductive hope, dreams and challenges? Check in below in the comments.

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