A little snapshot of my weekly prep sheets

A little snapshot of my weekly prep sheets

As I enter my second decade in business this year, I having been thinking about the different actions and habits that contribute to my successes and the success of my team. The biggest and most difficult thing is to control our mindset. That’s a topic I’ve spent a lot of time on and will revisit in the future. If you’re looking for concrete action to take to create more success in your business and your life THIS WEEK, this post is for you.

Gratitude Tip: Taking the time on a Sunday to plan out your week may seem like a trivial task. In fact, it’s actually the most important part of the week, whether you are an employee, entrepreneur or stay-at-home parent. It is an action to look forward to with gratitude, because as the week unfolds and you have a plan in place, it’s much easier to achieve your goals and take one step closer to your dreams. 

I’ve been fairly consistent at planning out my week on Sundays for the past year. And I know for certain that the weeks when I don’t spend as much time preparing on a Sunday, I end up using part of Monday for planning and losing part of my working time. And then the week feels like I’m playing catch up every day. Let’s take a look at what weekly planning would look like for an entrepreneur, employee and stay-at-home parent.

Entrepreneur – This applies to those who are full-time entrepreneurs and even more importantly, to those that are part-time. Begin with a review of the previous week. Did you achieve your goals? What were your successes? If you work with a team or employees, what were their successes? Are there certain metrics that you track? For example, in our business we track our invitations, presentations and follow-ups. These are all actions that we can personally control. We also track our results, which is our income and our enrollments. Once you’ve reviewed your week, set your goals for the coming week. If you didn’t hit your goals the week before, decide whether or not you need to adjust them, or whether you simply have to take more action. Any business involves connecting with potential clients or partners. Make a list of those you are going to reach out this week. That way, when you are sitting down to work on your business, you know exactly who to call.

Employee – This applies to anyone who is working for someone else, either full-time or part-time. Even though your income is likely a fixed number, you can always create an income goal and allow for creative ways to attract more money into your life. For example you could receive an unexpected cheque in the mail or a refund  you didn’t know about. It’s also important to review your previous week’s successes. Perhaps you have metrics that you have to meet in your job. Are you tracking these regularly? And if you’re looking to transition from your job to a different job or to start your own business, use the Sunday planning to work on your plan of action to make this happen. Are there recruiters to call? Update your LinkedIn profile and resume? Research different business models and talk to other entrepreneurs to ask how they did it. Include all of this in your weekly plans.

Stay-at-home parent – This applies to anyone who is home with their kids or not working outside of the home on a job or business (for example all of the kids are in school so none are home with you all day). Planning your week may seem obvious for stay-at-home parents whose kids are in a multitude of activities. In fact, your weeks may already seem very full without any planning on your own. Why is this important for you? First, the review of the week before can be very helpful. Often we get caught up in the ‘busy-ness’ of the week and aren’t taking time to review what happened. Are all of these activities serving us? Were there things we missed out on? What is important to our family, what are our values and are we showing up in this way throughout the week. For example, let’s say your family values healthy eating and sitting down to eat meals together. And when you review your week, you notice that you only sat down together for one meal. Planning for the following week could include adding another family meal.

Give this a try for a month and see if it makes a difference for you. I’d love to hear about your Sunday strategies. Kathy Kaeler, Celebrity Healthy Fitness & Nutrition Spokesperson (with USANA) has been teaching her Sunday Set-Up™ for at least 5 years. Check it out if planning your meals for the week and setting yourself up for healthy choices is a part of your commitment to Health Management in 2016.



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