It’s so easy these days to find other things to spend money on rather than a vacation. And when you’re both self-employed, it’s even more of a challenge because of lost income. There is much more value in a vacation than the money you spend, as we re-discovered this past week when we were in New Hampshire.

My parents own timeshare with RCI so they gave us the week as a gift (great start to the vacation cost!). We drove down through the Eastern Townships of Quebec and spent a night with my best friend Lee-Anne and her family.  That was a real treat for us, since she had been living across the country in Seattle for 5 years. The next afternoon, we drove the last couple of hours to Attitash, New Hampshire.  Attitash is in the White Mountains, and only 15 minutes from the famous Mount Washington Hotel.

Our unit was such a treat for us! Since we live in a fairly small two bedroom apartment, this 2 bedroom unit was actually bigger than our home, plus it had a 2nd bathroom, a fireplace, washer & dryer and cable!! It was really comfortable for our little family.  Céline did so well on the 9 + 2 hour drive and she really liked our little home for the week. In fact, she learned how to sleep on her tummy while we were gone and now almost sleeps through the night.  That’s my new recommendation for getting kids to sleep through the night – go on vacation and figure it out!!

We were blessed with a few days of nice weather, so we were able to go for a few hikes and see some amazing waterfalls. Nearby is the town of North Conway with a few outlet stores so we went shopping. There is no sales tax in NH (a 13% savings for us) so we purchased a new Blackberry Playbook while we were there.  Once I start to get the hang of it, I’ll tell you more about.  For now, let’s just say it’s a great business and entertaining tablet.

So, why take a vacation? For us, this vacation was time to relax, we had no schedule at all, nothing special we wanted to visit and no specific timelines. It was an opportunity for my husband to spend a week with our daughter, something he doesn’t have the opportunity to do on a regular basis. For me, it was a chance to share more of the child care duties and just enjoy being with my hubby and daughter.  We really had the chance to recharge and rest. This was an ideal vacation for a couple with a young baby.

What’s your idea of a great vacation? When was the last time you took a vacation? Do you take a vacation every year? What would be your DREAM vacation? Check in below on the comments.

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