I did the 28 Day Total Body Detox program to see how I would feel when I took a month to take care of my liver, my digestion and remove gluten and all cow’s milk dairy.  What I got from the program was much more than I had expected!

I was happy with my weight before the program.  In early March, I had a visit to the doctor’s office and weighed 145 lb. Very health and feeling great. Today, I was there again (for my daughter) and stepped on the scale for fun – I figured I had lost some weight because my clothes were looser. Scale reading: 136 lb. A total of 9 lb lost during the detox. My exercise routine stayed the same, walking for 30 min, 3-4 times a week with some stretching and moderate strengthening exercises.

And I really feel healthy and happy.

This is not a weight loss program. It’s certainly a nice side effect. The best part is, I can continue with many of the best parts of the program after! I’m continuing with my nutritional supplements – did you know that a solid nutritional supplement foundation is one of the keys to optimal health? I’ve also decided to keep gluten out of my diet whenever possible. And I am more aware of my drinking and plan to stick to more moderate consumption.  Dark chocolate is still on the menu of course! And because of the positive effects on my monthly cycle, I will also be continuing with the liver support supplement, and see how I feel after a few months of really taking care of my liver.

Many of you have inquired about starting the program. What’s holding you back? We have several affordable options and if you’ve been following our Facebook group, you’ll see that one of our program participants, Kenda Blum, showed us how she SAVED money during the 28 days!  Finally, if you’re not ready to do 28 Days, why not start with the 5 Day Jumpstart – our RESET program! We have special offers on this program as well and it’s a great way to get started. In fact, one of my clients who started with the RESET and then did the 28 Day Total Body Detox had truly wonderful results.

For more information on our programs or to get started, please contact me via email at info@julieboyer.com. Photo credit, Jason Stevens, Streeter Stevens Photography.

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