A few of our tribe members today

A few of our tribe members today

When I read Tribes – We Need You To Lead Us by Seth Godin in late 2008, I understood the concept of a tribe but I really didn’t get it. I believed I was a leader and therefore, I should have a tribe already. As Godin put it, ‘A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.’ That’s what I had in USANA, right? So why didn’t it feel like that?

Gratitude Tip: A tribe is not something that you can manufacture, it’s not simply something that happens when you get a group of people together who are like-minded and have similar goals and intentions. It’s something that grows and evolves over time and is organic, rather than being forced or planned. Looking at all of the amazing people who make up this tribe of gratitude ambassadors, I can see how it evolved over time, and didn’t simply spring into being when I published 30 Days of Gratitude.

Back in early 2009, I was a LEADER. I was doing really well in USANA, making excellent money and building a tribe, or at least what I thought was a tribe. Turns out, I wasn’t really a true leader yet, and I was still operating from a place of EGO rather than service. And in March of that year, I left USANA to join another network marketing company. And I believed that my team would follow me. I was rather shocked when they didn’t. I was so blinded by my ego that I believed that everyone who I worked with would leave the bigger USANA tribe to follow me. I still had a lot to learn about being a leader and creating a tribe.

The two years I spent away from USANA were some of the most difficult years from a financial perspective. Thankfully, this was before we had our daughter so it was easier to be a bit more lean. In terms of the training I received and the life lessons I learned, it was truly the most powerful time. I started to learn how to put my ego away and was really humbled by the experience. I learned that being a leader was more that just a title. In fact, being a leader was never about the title or rank, it was about the person I was becoming.

When I returned in 2011, I was a different person – I still had a lot to learn but I came back with my tail between my legs and asking for forgiveness. Thankfully, most of my team forgave me and many of those emerging leaders from that time are still on my team today and have grown their own teams as well. Now I was starting to understand what a tribe was as opposed to simply a team or a ‘downline’ as we call it in our business.

Fast forward to this past November. As I shared in a previous post, I came together with some of my leaders at The Art Of Leadership with Tony Daum and we worked on a team vision and mission together for three very long days. This is where Holistic Lifestyle Creators was born. Our tribe has finally been birthed and it’s been amazing. We have come together in ways that we never have before and we are having so much fun together!! Our tribe has been quickly growing and we’re creating a beautiful movement of holistic lifestyle entrepreneurs:

We are a tribe of holistic entrepreneurs in our most radiant health, creating wealth & freedom for individuals and families around the globe. As authentic leaders, our vision is built on a foundation of gratitude, love & integrity.

Want to check out our tribe? Find us on Facebook and Instagram. Website coming soon! And if you’re serious about checking us out, take a few moments to fill out our mentorship application and one of our leaders will get in touch within 24 hours – what do you have to lose?

A special shout out to our tribe of gratitude ambassadors! We are creating a beautiful movement of gratitude all across social media. It’s Day 15 already of our #40daysofgratitude challenge. I’ll be doing another draw for a random prize over the weekend, so don’t forget to post your photos on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #40daysofgratitude so that I can find you. I’m looking forward to all of your Valentine’s Day posts too.

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