How To Win on Social Media

Jan 23, 2018 | Leadership | 4 comments

This weekend I had the opportunity to share a two hour workshop on social media marketing as a part of the 2018 USANA Kick-Off in Richmond, B.C. The response to the workshop was really wonderful and very positive, so I thought I would share some of my training with you on my blog. My topic shouldn’t be how to win on social media – the real question should be how do I create connections and add value on social media? To some extent, social media is a game, but it’s not one that we should be focused on winning.

What’s Happening With Facebook?

There are some major changes that have happened on Facebook recently and it’s affected my business page already. The good news is that it’s been positive for my personal profile! What are these changes all about? First, it’s all about going back to Facebook’s roots, which was to connect with friends and family. Therefore we will be seeing more from our friends and family on our feed. Posts that have a lot of interaction (i.e. lots of comments, shared by others) will be seen more often.

The flip side of this is that those of us with business pages that don’t have a ton of interaction will see our ‘reach’ decrease. I’ve already seen my number of views drop by 50%. However the good news is that by using Facebook live and creating more engagement with our followers, we will get more and more page reach.

Best practices for your personal feed

For those who have a business as I do, your personal feed has just become even more important. The way we have been doing business via Facebook has to change, and I personally believe that this is a good change.  Here are my five best practices for Facebook, although you can use these strategies on any social media platform.

1.What would your grandmother say?

We often post when we are in an emotional state or a negative frame of mind. And this can sometimes lead to unwanted comments or criticism on our feed. One Golden Rule to live by is to ask yourself before you post something, what would my grandmother say? They grew up in a very different time and I believe this moment of pause can save our timelines from disaster! Remember that once we post a photo or a comment on Facebook or other social feeds, it’s there forever. One of the hardest things to do today is to repair a damaged public reputation. Sometimes it’s that one photo that you regret posting that could be a thorn in your side for years to come. Thinking about our grandmother before posting can help to avoid this.

2. Be authentically you

This is where I find many people have difficulty. They aren’t comfortable revealing too much of themselves on social media. It’s easier to post about their business or their products than it is to show who they really are as a person. And it’s not because they aren’t an amazing person! It’s usually due to a lack of self-confidence and being worried about what others might think. In order to ‘win’ at social media, it’s time that we start being authentically who we are. No more hiding behind perfectly lit photos and only sharing when things are perfect (which is almost never). Show us the real you and let us choose whether or not we are aligned. Here’s a great exercise that can help:

Write down five things that you are super passionate about. One of these can be your business/product or service, but it can only be one. Include your hobbies, your kids, your pets, and maybe even your job if you’re passionate about your work.  When you post on Facebook, think about whether your post fits into any of the five passions you’ve written down. If a post is too far out of the norm for you, think twice about posting it. Take a look back at your feed and see whether there’s a certain pattern or feel for what you’ve posted. Others are doing the same thing when they are deciding to accept your friendship on Facebook or not. They are looking to see if you’re sharing things that they want to see or read more about. And when we share too much about our business or service, our friends and family tend to lose interest very quickly.

3. Use your cover page

Now that there will be less of our business posts in other people’s feeds, I recommend using your cover page (personal) to direct people to either your Facebook page or a website. Let people know that you’re sticking to mostly personal stuff on your personal profile but that you are still running a business. This way, you can always directly people to a place to find out more about what you have to offer, without it being all over your timeline.

4. Participate in groups

We are all a part of hundreds, if not over a thousand groups. Take a look at the groups that you are a part of. Is there a way that you can add value to the group by commenting or posting? Or can you go back to one of your own groups and start to create content that the group would find interesting? When we find something interesting to read or watch, we are more likely to make a comment or share the content. Being an active group member can help you to create more relationships. And most importantly, when you are a part of a group – never, ever try to sell anyone anything in the pubic group feed. Use messenger wisely and politely when you have a way to be of service to someone else.

5. Create genuine connections

This is the most important strategy of all. Connect with your Facebook friends! The reason the algorithm was changed is because scrolling through Facebook without interaction can be isolating and dangerous to our health. Mark Zuckerberg is encouraging us to interact with others instead of mindlessly scrolling. Take the time to add a comment instead of an emoji or a GIF. That’s not how we would talk to others in person, so why it is ok on social media?

Ask yourself this – do I like it when others comment on my posts or interact with me when I’m doing a live video? If the answer is yes, then chances are that others will appreciate your interactions too. We tend to buy things from people we know, like and trust. So when we become a trusted friend, others are more likely to ask us for help and support when they need it. Remember that behind the profile photo is a real human being. And what most of us want is to be seen, heard and appreciated by others.

Social media is somewhat of a game. We can play nicely in the sandbox or we can be sent to the principal’s office for a time out. It’s up to us to choose how we interact with others and add value (or not) to the social feed. Will you join me in adding positivity, kindness and love to our social networks?


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