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julie boyer, daily gratitude,, wealthyliciousLast night I had the pleasure of hosting Wealthylicious, an event for women, on wealth, wisdom & wellness. This event was founded over 6 years ago by my good friend and mentor, Leanne Jacobs. She had a vision for an event that would empower women and teach them all about creating residual income, financial freedom, multi-income streams all while being in the best health. In the past 10 years, she has inspired hundreds of thousands of women across the globe to create and live their best life!

Here are some of the great nuggets of wisdom shared by our speakers:

Brittany Miethner, who spoke about having a Millionaire Mindset asked us to very important questions – Do you have residual income? And do you have leverage? She also shared with us how much her own life has changed since she drew a line in the sand 6 1/2 years ago and decided to live in the minority. She encouraged us to do the same. And finally, her biggest teaching – money creates choices. When money is no longer an issue, we are able to create the life of our dreams without hesitation.

Shelly Boudah shared her wisdom and experience about the Network Marketing Industry. Shelly is one of the most successful NWM entrepreneur I know and she currently has a mid 6-figure income and is on her way to a 7-figure income. ‘The wealthy build networks, while the majority looks for work,’ – Robert Kyosaki. She shared that although it may seem ‘easier’ to find a job, it’s actually often easier and more satisfying to become a network marketing professional. And that by capitalizing on current trends, including wellness, working from home and social media, women can create incredible wealth and success by partnering with the right NWM company. All of our speakers, myself included, have chosen to partner with USANA Health Sciences.

Did you know that USANA Health Sciences has the highest number of $100k-$300K annual income earners in the ENTIRE network marketing industry?


Pat Birnie spoke about the importance of multiple streams of income and how to create an amazing lifestyle, no matter what age you start at.  Her and her husband, Ian, are late blooming entrepreneurs. She shared how she felt like she had a gift inside her that needed to be unwrapped. How many of you feel like that? And also the importance of educating yourself when you’re looking at residual income streams, whether it be network marketing, real estate or investing – and once you’ve done your homework – TAKE ACTION!

And finally, Joleen Gruber, Sport & Holistic Nutritionist spoke about how our true wealth begins with optimal health. Her first tip was to reduce stress in your life, because when your cortisol levels rise uncontrollably due to stress, it’s as though you were eating sugar (without the pleasure of it!) and can lead to central obesity and other complications. And her advice? To be selfish! Take care of YOU first.

If you joined us, what did you like best about the evening? And if you missed, hope to see you at our next event – September 12th Downtown Toronto, 11 -2 pm. Details to follow.


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