What is Your Word of The Year For 2018?

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Word of the year for 2018

Do you choose a word or a theme of the year? For the past several years, I have chosen a different word to represent something that I want to focus on. Two years ago, I chose Service and last year my word of the year was Mindful.

I’ve decided that my word of the year for 2018 is Responsible.

There are so many different definitions of responsible and it’s probably not a word that would be chosen by most people as a theme for the year. Often, being responsible can be a negative thing. Here’s the definition that I’m focusing on: being the primary cause of something and morally accountable for one’s behavior (1).

By choosing the word Responsible for 2018, I’m committing to take responsibility for all aspects of my life. Instead of choosing to make excuses or complain, I will remind myself that I’m responsible for my own actions and choices.

I am responsible for:
  • How I treat others
  • The way I react to others
  • My daily and weekly business activities
  • The attitude I share with others
  • My physical body and how I treat it
  • Setting an example for my daughter, family, friends and business partners
  • My financial choices
  • Staying faithful and having patience

When we choose personal responsibility, we choose to be in control of our lives. What I have found is that it’s easier to find blame and make excuses. Yet by choosing to be responsible, suddenly all of the excuses no longer make sense. Being responsible is about understanding that we are the creators of our lives. Looking back on 2017, I know this to be true. My family and I did manifest a move across the country and made our vision a reality. However, throughout the process, there were times when I was frustrated and upset. Unfortunately my husband was often the recipient of this negative energy. By making a commitment to being responsible in 2018, I would like to stop this behavior and be kinder toward my husband.

It’s just as important to look at what I am not responsible for (and neither are you!):
  • How others treat me
  • The way that others react to my words or actions
  • Whether a potential client says yes or no
  • What others think of my body
  • The choices that others make
  • Others’ opinions of me, my business and my family

What I’ve found is that when I focus on being responsible for how I treat other FIRST, people generally treat me well in return. This is something I have been working on for many, many years. It is not always easy for me to be kind and understanding. I hope that this year, by choosing to be responsible, I will become better at this.

Now that I’ve chosen a word of the year, what comes next? What I usually do is create my vision board for the year, based on my visualization of January 1st of the following year. This is an exercise that I lead my clients through in Manifest Your Best Year Ever. Basically, I walk you through all aspects of your life and ask you to visualize what your year has looked like. I’ve made the program recording available for you til Jan 5th if you’d like to listen and complete your planning for 2018 with me. I have yet to complete my vision for 2018 myself and I’ll be focusing on that over the next few days. Usually I complete it on Jan 1st, however with a new puppy and an upset cat, I spent most of my first day of the year cleaning up pet accidents.

One last thing to share

The last thing I wanted to share with you is this, when you achieve a very big life goal, it can be a challenge to create your next goal. Years ago, when I completed my first Ironman triathlon, I almost felt let down once it was over. When we focus all of our energy into one massive goal, and then we achieve it, it can be difficult to know what to do next. After that experience, I know that it’s important to have some small goals to go for, after the big one has been completed.  I’ve shared several times how we achieved our family vision to move to B.C. this past year.

Since arriving here in early December, we have been ‘doing’ things non-stop. First, we moved three times before moving into our home on Dec 15th. With the help of friends and family, we were able to get fairly settled before Christmas which was only 9 days later. And at the same time, we adopted a new puppy on Dec 20th.  I also ran my live Manifest Your Best Year Ever webinar on Dec 28th. It’s been such a crazy time that I’ve barely had a moment to really absorb that we accomplished our vision from last January. I have yet to create my goals and intention for 2018, as I am still in the process of enjoying what we created in 2017.

The point is, if you’re a bit stuck right now on creating your vision for 2018, not to worry. It’s ok if you haven’t finished it by the first of January. I’m right here with you. I am committed to following my own process and writing out my vision by Friday Jan 5th. Will you join me?

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