Grateful Habits

A life built on a foundation of gratitude is one that allows us to thrive and reach for our highest of dreams and to get back up when we’re knocked down.

The most important daily gratitude habit to develop is to simply Wake Up With Gratitude™.

When we start our day with gratitude, it shifts our outlook on the day ahead and allows us to focus on what we are most grateful for, rather than the problems and challenges that come our way.

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Need somewhere to start? Here’s a short post I wrote about different strategies to help you Wake Up With Gratitude™.

30 Days of Gratitude

The Gratitude Program That Will Change Your Life

My first book, published in May of 2013 with Balboa press, became an Amazon Bestseller when it was released. 30 Days of Gratitude offers readers the opportunity to take action every single day to build and reinforce daily gratitude habits.

Would you like to order a personally signed copy? Connect with me to purchase directly.

Are you ready to live your life with gratitude and abundance every day?

Unlock the power of daily gratitude and create the life you were meant to lead with 30 Days of Gratitude! This book offers insightful tips and indispensable habits that will help you on your journey to achieving your personal best in all that you do. Filled with 30 diverse topics, this book encourages you to take action based on what you have learned on each day. With your new habits, you’ll be able to design your life with gratitude, creating new goals and a vision, which will help in finding your life’s purpose.

Finally, this book will show you how gratitude helps you attract more abundance into your life, and other amazing ways to implement gratitude into your life.  Whether you have been practicing daily gratitude for years, or are beginning your journey of gratitude, this book will introduce you to new concepts that will enhance your life!

Inspire your team or tribe with a gratitude seminar!

Looking to bring more gratitude into your organization?

It’s amazing how building our lives on a foundation of gratitude can have an impact on so many levels. As a seasoned public speaker with over three decades of experience, I’m passionate about sharing my message to Wake Up With Gratitude™ around the world.

Seminar topics include:

Wake Up With Gratitude™

How Building Your Life on Foundation of Gratitude Changes Everything (10 to 30 minutes, can be tailored to your audience).

Manifest Your Best Year Ever

Start with a Foundation of Gratitude to Build Your Amazing Life and Achieve Your Goals (2 hours workshop, can also be a done as a keynote without the activities).

Overcoming Life’s Challenges with Gratitude

After having almost lost my life due to a life-threatening bacterial infection, I have lived through some of the hardest times in my life by falling back on my daily gratitude practice. This seminar shares how we can all use gratitude to cope and move on (20 – 60 minutes).