Yesterday Was a 2 Bagel Day

My 10 pm bagel and vitamins.

My 10 pm bagel and vitamins.

Sometimes, we end up eating two bagel meals in a day. Yesterday was that day for me. In general, I eat salad at least once a day and usually dinner has a lot of extra veggies. Not a typical Sunday for our family at all.

Gratitude Tip: It’s ok to have a day where things just don’t work out as planned and to be at peace with it. We are often our harshest critics and hardest on ourselves. Sometimes, it’s just going to be a  2 bagel day, and that’s ok. As my daughter put it, ‘that’s just life.’ End your day with gratitude for the good that did occur and close your eyes while giving thanks for another day. 

It all started well, even with the time change my daughter didn’t get up too early. I got a few things done around the house and prepared for church. Church was lovely, and I had about ten kids show up for Sunday School. We came home after church with a friend and the girls played well together all afternoon.

However, I decided to spend far too long arguing with my husband about our front hall closet challenge. Basically we bought new closet doors but for some reason our closet isn’t standard size and the doors are 4″ too short. It was a fruitless argument and I had trouble letting it go. We did find a solution a few hours later, we have a friend who is a contractor coming by to give us a hand with the header that has to be put in.

The energy in our home shifted and I knew it. When you spend a lot time focusing on energy and understanding how everything is energy and how it affects people, you tend to notice immediately how the energy around you shifts. I realized I was responsible and so I went out for a few moments to get myself back on track. Once I gave myself some space, I was able to come home and move on.

And then, we were handed a big surprise. Out of nowhere, our daughter fell and cut her chin on our laminate flooring, just as her friend was leaving. I knew immediately that the way it was split that she would need stitches. She is truly an amazing kid, she calmed down quickly and once she stopped crying it hurt less. We stopped the bleeding and iced for a bit before heading out the hospital. I’m so grateful that we live near a Children’s Emergency department (at McMaster Hospital in Hamilton) as they are geared towards taking care of kids.

Our experience at the hospital was excellent. It did take around 3.5 hours to complete the process, but our daughter was absolutely amazing about it. We left the house just before 5 pm so we hadn’t had dinner, or even a snack as lunch was a bit later. She didn’t complain about being hungry or tired. Although she was given the gel freezing, during the stitching she said it hurt and accepted the local anesthetic without even flinching or crying. She was so brave! Once we told her she would get a popsicle after the doctor was finished, she even smiled! Four stitches later and we were off.

We got home late, too late for dinner (hence my 2nd bagel) but thankfully had a few smoothie popsicles in the freezer for her. A full smoothie would have been too much but this gave her a bit of food that would easily digest. She fell asleep almost immediately once the lights were out – close to 10 pm, which would have felt like 11 pm.

I am so grateful for how everything went. I’m grateful for the staff at the hospital and the doctor who did the stitches. I’m grateful that she was so brave and didn’t complain. I’m grateful that we could go as a family to the hospital and be there for her. I’m grateful that it wasn’t anything more serious. I find myself thinking about my mom when I am in these kinds of situations. I wonderful how it felt for her when we were hurt or sick and she had to take us to the hospital. She seemed so strong and courageous to me during those times. I’m grateful for her example.


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