This is the title of the new book recently launched by Louise Hay (founder of Hay House) and Cheryl Richardson.  I had the honour and pleasure of listening to these two wonderful ladies from the 2nd row of the I Can Do It! event here in Toronto a few weeks ago. I loved listening to them – it was like being a part of a private conversation.  And that’s what the book is like – different stories and conversations between Louise and Cheryl recorded over about a year’s time. Louise is now 85 years old and she creates her life every single day. It’s actually very inspiring to be in her energy. Affirmations are a very big part of being able to create your life and both she and Cheryl talked about the power of different affirmations throughout the day.

I did purchase the book, You Can Create an Exceptional Life, as I really enjoyed the stories shared on stage and the book also has many different affirmations that can be easily used throughout the day. Why affirmations? Why is important that we do them? One of the reasons they spoke about was as a way to shut down all of the negative messages we tell ourselves every single day. For example, how many times have you gone into your closet and thought, “I have nothing to wear, nothing fits me!” Did you know that if you changed your thinking about the clothing in your closet, you would always have beautiful outfits to wear? There are several affirmations in the book to help change these thoughts. And that’s really what the purpose of affirmations are – as a way to help us to change our thinking.  And trust me, it really works.

Two days after the event, I was going out shopping for a few dresses for special events this summer. In the past, I would have said to myself, “I don’t like shopping, nothing ever fits!” I decided to change that and instead said, “I’m excited to go shopping because I’ll find dresses that are the perfect fit!!”  I kid you not – I tried on 4 dresses and found 2 that are PERFECT!! That one certainly worked for me!

I had the opportunity to briefly meet both Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson at the book signing afterwards. Louise has beautiful, radiant energy, such a joy to be in her space. She also became a painter at age 84!! Her Blessing Buddha was for sale, in an 8 x 10 reproduction, with all proceeds going to charity.  I bought one and had her sign it.  This beautiful buddha is now hanging at the foot of our bed and I feel her beautiful energy every time I look at it. Cheryl Richardson is also very beautiful in so many ways – I bought a stack of her grace cards and I love to choose a message from them everyday.

It was a blessed event and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of it.  It had a big impact on me and I would still like share more the experience in future blog posts.  So stay tuned!! And if you’re still not sure about the value of attending an event like this, the week following the event I earned the biggest paycheck since the end of November 2011. Follow this link to register for the next I Can Do It! event.


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