Your Circle of Influence

Part of my circle

Part of my circle

We all have that one friend, the one who seems to know everyone and they are somehow connected to everyone you meet. Perhaps I’m talking about you? On the other hand, there are others whose circle of influence doesn’t extend beyond their immediate family and close friends. Neither is good or bad but if you want to effect change in the world, you’ve got to connect to more people.

Gratitude Tip: The easiest way to create new connections is to focus on making new friends and being of service to them. Whenever you meet someone new, whether it be at the grocery store or at a networking event, focus on showing gratitude for the opportunity to create a new relationship first.

I attended a great networking event last night with the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals. Why did I enjoy it so much? I found that the people I met were very genuine and I was able to engage in interesting conversations with several different small groups of people. I truly felt as though the people there were interested in creating new relationships. It was my first time attending an event with this group and I didn’t know a single person in the room when I arrived, but by the time I left, I’d made a few new friends. I even met someone with the same last name as me!! That’s never happened before.

Whether you are in business or not, it’s important to continue to grow your circle of influence and connections. There will come a time in your life when you are looking for a new job, starting a new business, need help around your home for example and the easiest place to start is with people you already know and trust. When you lead with gratitude, you’ll find that it’s easier to create connections and make new friends. And in this era of social media, it’s a lot easier to stay in contact with people you’ve met only once.

What are you doing this week to grow your circle? How are you creating new relationships? Are you taking some time to nurture the ones you already have? A great way to do this would be to join in our 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge. Expressing gratitude for those in your life already is a simple way to show how much you value your relationships. Don’t forget to use the #30daysofgratitude when you’re posting during the challenge.

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