Your Experiences Are Your Own

Strange title for a blog post, I admit. I’ve been reading a few articles lately about comparison and the importance of not comparing ourselves to others. Which we all know to be true, there is no point in comparing ourselves to others because our experiences are our own. No one else will ever know the joys or the sorrows you personally experiences.

My husband and I were walking Netflix the other night and the show we were watching had an episode with one of the main characters in the hospital, on a ventilator. Neither of us said anything during the show, but it stirred up emotions for both of us. I will never know what he (and everyone else who cares about me) went through when I was unexpectedly hospitalized in December and had to be medically sedated for a week. And he will never know what I went through, surviving a life-threatening bacterial infection.

Gratitude tip: Remember that your experiences will always be different from everyone else’s even if seems like you went through the same thing. Deciding to find gratitude in every situation may be easier for some people, based on their experiences, not because they didn’t find the situation challenging.


Memories of that experience tend to come up at the strangest times. And I know they have already begun to fade, which in itself is a gift. Am I forever changed by this? Yes. Will I ever completely forget?  Probably not. The gift of our memories is that as time passes, sometimes even the saddest and most heartbreaking memories are changed and actually bring us some joy and strength for what we have survived.

Are you enjoying these daily posts? This is my third week of My Year of Gratitude, a Gratitude Project. I hope the gratitude tips are making a difference for you. Let me know in the comments. And thank you to my mom and Paul – I know you guys are reading these daily :-).


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