your vibe, daily gratitude project, the grateful entrepreneurWhere are you vibrating right now? Are you vibrating at a low frequency of fear, doubt or anger? Or are you vibrating at a higher frequency of love, gratitude and enthusiasm? I’ve written about this before and it’s such a powerful concept that it was worth sharing again.

Gratitude Tip: When you build your life on a foundation of gratitude, you are already vibrating on a much higher frequency than the majority of the people around you. Your vibration attracts your circumstances and the people in your life. It’s true that like attracts like, as was shared in The Secret. The higher your vibration, the more you will find that unexpected gifts, whether in the form of the right people at the right time or something material, will come into your life. Gratitude, Love and Joy are all the highest of vibrations.

You know where you are vibrating right now by simply taking a moment to ask yourself, how do I feel? If you feel good or great, you’re on the higher side of the vibrational frequencies. If you’re feeling sad, angry or in fear, you are on the lower side. I spent a lot of time on the downward spiral, pretending I was on the upward spiral. Energy doesn’t lie however, so attempting to ‘fake’ how you are feeling doesn’t actually work. After a decade in business, I can now feel where a teammate is vibrating, and I know whether or not their words are in alignment with their feelings and vibration.

Emotional-Guidance-Scale, julie boyer, daily gratitude projectThis might sound hokey to some, and that’s ok. I was introduced to this concept almost 10 years ago and it took me many, many years to finally understand that whether I believe it or not, it’s still happening. I decided it was better for me to learn how to elevate my vibration and it’s brought so many wonderful things into my life over the past few years. I often get asked if I am always in a good mood. Truthfully, over the past few months, the answer is yes. It’s rare that I feel down or have a down day. And when I do find myself heading toward the downward spiral, I’m quickly able to turn it around. We all go through different stages in our lives and there have been lots of times when I did feel bad. I’m much happier here and so is my family!

You’ve got nothing to lose by focusing on your energetic vibration. A simply way to raise your vibration is to express gratitude. Write a few gratitude emails or even better, a few handwritten cards. People love to receive cards in the mail and it feels good to express your thanks in a more permanent way.

We are on our second week of the #40daysofgratitude challenge – today is Day 8. I love seeing everyone’s posts!! I’ll be doing a random draw today based on all of the post I can find with our hashtag #40daysofgratitude. You can join us at any time, all of the details are here.

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